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Available courses

Practical Photography

Welcome to the maiden "Practical Photography" Course on Verifine Academy.

The world of photography is an extensive one, with vast information available. Throughout all these content, what do you focus on to bootstrap your photography endeavors? What matters, and what are nice-haves?

Which settings works best in the real world?

In this Practical Photography course, I'll help you understand the practical, real world use case of photography, and how you can implement in your line of work or hobby.

Free Practice SHS Chemistry Questions

These free practice questions are designed in alignment with the WASSCE Chemistry Exam Syllabus for SHS Schools in Ghana. 

Feel free to test your knowledge and gauge your understanding of the topics you've covered. It's a valuable opportunity to assess your proficiency and see how well you grasp the material you've learned so far.

This course is presently unavailable for students, but rest assured, it will be accessible in the near future!